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OSINT Write-up | The Cyber Grabs CTF 0x02.

by Nihal Umar

The Cyber Grabs CTF


Author will help you, but don't ask him.
Flag format: cybergrabs{}
Author: sc4ry_gh0st


I looked at his social profiles. Got something in his GitHub profile. On his github.io page I got a fake flag. But after looking through his repo. I got another flag which was fake. And after searching few seconds. I got the right flag in his repo’s commit.


Flag hunt

My buddy killersec told me he got the prize but he was saying it is of no use that prize is gonna make him cry xD.
Flag format: cybergrabs{}
Author: Odin

In this Challenge as i already mention the user killsec just a little bit of recon you will know there was a user exist on twitter and as Description says it was talking about Prize so you can see on his twitter account he tweeted about prize.


And as Mention in Description it says it will gonna make him cry so if you there is onion which make us cry xD.


And guess what it was a onion link just open it in tor browser and you will landed to the website just a little bit scroll the website and you will got the first half flag.

.onion site.

And the another half flag was in the source code of the website

source code page.

And now you have the complete flag.



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Thanks for reading the blog. Hope you liked it. Writeup for Meeting 1 & Meeting 2 will be published soon.

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