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Miscellaneous Write-up | The Cyber Grabs CTF 0x02.

by Nihal Umar

The Cyber Grabs CTF


Follow the author.
Flag format: cybergrabs{}
Author: sc4ry_gh0st


After checking out author’s social media handles. On twitter I got a tweet.


Decode it from here: https://holloway.nz/steg/




A piece of cake for you :)
Flag format: cybergrabs{}
Author: Odin

In this challenge, you got a text file:


After applying Rot 13: https://mega.nz/file/WYkW2YZa#0TX1Vl9VJBsNfEParVu0ZBeAGhtS8xaCNB-aXK2kR7U

It was the Rot13 Cipher After decoding you got the Mega File Link

Download the  File and in that text file you got the Hex Data Simply Just reverse the hex data and Apply Steghide on it and extract the flag.txt file from it and in that file flag was given.


Salt is the important incrident

Doctor : Salt is important part of the food. Which one you use.
Me : Sir, I use salt of 0namak0 brand.
Doctor : Thats why you are facing issues today use 1337_Namak this is perfect to use.
Me : Sure sir.
Flag format: cybergrabs{}
Author: X3rz


As in mentioned we get two interesting words 0namak0 and 1337_Namak.

After unziping the file we got two images and a file named ...

The file … contins MD5 hash 

The flag in the names of pictures is a fake flag.

so by running steghide on both of them without password gives you two files named flag.pdf and -

By looking at the contents of - we get:


and PDF is password protected so as far we have:

MD5 hash 0namak0 and 1337_Namak A password protected pdf file.

So as the challange name states that these values are salts and by seeing MD5 its clear that it is salted MD5 hash with one of the available values.

So in the description  Me : Sir, I use salt of 0namak0 brand. So this leads to use this value first.

So finally we got: 07176f833cac2a1c539e86744fdcd4d7:0namak0

Using hashcat we can crack this salted hash

hashcat -m 10 hash.txt rockyou.txt which gives 3205077273lunayoelareina as password after cracking.

As in the - file the password of the pdf is password_author so we have 3205077273lunayoelareina as password and x3rz author of this challenge.

Password of PDF: 3205077273lunayoelareina_x3rz

By opening the file gives you the flag.


Wonderful Colours

I love wonderful colours.
Flag format: cybergrabs{}
Author: Nihal


Use this image to crack it manually. It’s hexahue. https://www.boxentriq.com/code-breaking/hexahue

Hexahue code chart.


Thanks for reading the blog. Hope you liked it.

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