The Cyber Grabs is Open Source Security & Researching Community. We help each & everyone who is interested in Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Programming, Development etc. We organize Capture The Flag Events, Monthly Webinars, Cyber Security Awareness Programs & much more.
Capture The Flag
Cyber Security Awareness
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What we do?

Here are some cool stuff we do only for you all.
We organize capture the flag events. With having lots of prizes. Special thanks to our partners & sponsors.
We provide lots of stuff to our Community Members related to Cyber Security. We share daily in our Discord Server.
We do monthly Webinars with Cyber Security Experts & Bug Bounty Hunters.
Cyber Security Awareness
We do Cyber Security Awareness Programs/Campaigns. We try to aware as much as possible.
We do weekly podcast. We come back with something new everytime. Listen on Anchor, iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify etc. Search:- Encrypted Hacker's Room

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If you are interested in the latest articles in Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking & CTFs, take a sneak peek at our blog. You have nothing to loose!
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